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08:31:18 AM Nov 13th 2013
It seems the difference between this and a Parodied Trope is subtle, and a bit of a blurry line as well. I'd guess the main key here is that this particular play on a trope involves playing it (mostly) straight, but highlighting some of the more comedic aspects of it or having it done in such a way that you can't help but laugh, even when you shouldn't. For instance, a parody on say...Yandere, would be cranking the Ax-Crazy Clingy Jealous Girl Up to 11 in ways you simply cannot take seriously, whereas if it's Played for Laughs, she'll do some more "standard issue" yandere things (ie: kidnapping object of affection, Murder the Hypotenuse, etc.), but in a context or manner that comes off as Black Comedy, but without having to exaggerate it.
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