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03:36:34 PM Nov 10th 2010
Does the Uwe Boll example really count? I really don't think most people would consider Michael Bay or Eli Roth to be the Platos of filmmaking. I admit that Boll comparing himself favorably to almost any other filmmaker, with the possible exception of Ed Wood, is at least hinting at this trope, but still...
10:58:13 PM Jan 3rd 2015
It counts for two reasons:

1) As an example of [[:Hypocritical Humor]], so that it apporaches the subject from the opposite direction (we all acknowledge these others as being the bottom of the barrel, therefore I'm better than them).

2) [[:Rule of Funny]], stemming from [[:Small Name, Big Ego]]'s utter lack of an external self-image, leading him to [[:Comically Miss the Point]] when it comes to the difference between laughing with & laughing at.
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