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03:18:07 PM Oct 5th 2013
I can say that as a British troper, HK is not just every color ever in japan, but in the UK too. My sister has a Hello Kitty plush that has a spiked collar, writing in a font you would expect to see on a metal album cover on the forehead, black clothes and a green head. I'm not joking.
08:48:45 PM Jan 5th 2012
Something that made me laugh from the main page:

"...Be proud to be a woman use the pink folding multitool with rhinestones!"

Apparently, it was meant to serve as an Insult Backfire or whatever. Well that failed, since this implies that my disinterest in buying a pink folding multitool with rhinestones implies that I must not be "proud" of being a woman. Real nice.
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