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06:07:18 PM Nov 29th 2014
Here is a sentence from the introduction:

"10,000 is basically the same as 1,000 (as far as a ratio goes)"

I'm not exactly a mathematician here, but I'm pretty sure ten thousand is quite a bit more than one thousand.
02:07:11 AM Nov 30th 2014
Yes. The point of the trope is that at some point, the difference becomes irrelevant.
08:50:16 AM Jun 7th 2011
edited by FalconPain
I'm not convinced that the trope is or should be limited to examples where the only reason the numbers are so large is because of gratuitous zeroes. Some of the more popular examples are based on ridiculous use of multipliers or exponential growth. (Giga Wing used to be the page image, after all, and the new one uses a similar method.) This discrepancy might be tracable back to a paragraph PhantomKitty added to the description back in January, which makes the whole thing sound like nothing more than the love of appended zeroes. Clever Pun's added subquote doesn't help.

Disgaea definitely falls under ridiculously large numbers, even if the units are relevant, and I don't think the zero thing should be holding it back. Even pinball cares about the tens digit when it comes time for a match, after all.
12:44:30 PM Jun 9th 2011
You could make another trope about "games that have high numbers in them" but that's pretty vague what "large" is. gratuitous digits is pretty clearly defined, though.

the problem is that in a normal game of Disgaea if you don't choose optional bosses, you can beat the game with characters around level 100-200, and the stats of each character are pretty typical compared to most JRP Gs.

Here's another example: Final Fantasy 7 stat points can go up to 65535 or so. A player can achieve this through extreme amounts of grinding, despite it not being necessary to finish the game to do so. Does that qualify Final Fantasy 7 as a pinball scoring game?
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