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06:30:37 AM May 8th 2018
Does this article maybe need some cleanup and clarification along with some example inspection? "They can be lifted right out of the story and have little to no impact on anything that has or will happen," doesn't seem to apply to a lot of the examples given based on the descriptions of them.

A lot of the examples seem more like, "they did something but it had different consequences than what they'd intended," or "they did something small that seemingly has little effect, but what effects are seen eventually lead into larger things happening," or even, "things happen literally because of who they are (i.e. their personality or temperament) even though they are passive."

So those cases, no, taking them out of the picture won't be inconsequential and things happen because they're even there at all in some way.
09:43:48 AM Jun 14th 2014
  • Harry Potter on occasion, particularly the first and third volumes. A key moment in his character development is deciding in his fifth year at Hogwarts that he's not going to rely on the adults -largely because he can't at this point- and is going to start training himself and others so they hopefully won't need rescuing in future.

Removed this because you can't "on occasion" be a Pinball Protagonist. You either are or you aren't one.
09:25:15 PM May 25th 2014
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Oh, why did someone put Samus on here?, that's a lie, I know WHY she's here, I'm just going to put out that I pulled it because really, no impact on the story whatsoever? Hey, you know what? If you get technical enough about it, she's always this trope because she doesn't do anything on her own initiative. She runs around on other planets and blows them up not because we're given a reason why, but because she's there and there are things to shoot.

I mean, seriously, why would we give two craps about what's happening on that stupid ship if Samus wasn't on it? The whole stupid game and its stupid story is about Samus getting over her stupid trauma and her stupid past with stupid Adam and STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID oh god my needle is stuck
12:19:29 AM May 26th 2014
Friendly advice: Cut out the rudeness. This is the kind of thing that may get you suspended.
10:51:39 AM Dec 6th 2012
Why is Harry Potter here? He actively plays a role in every story. Just because he doesn't necessarily know what's going on until the end doesn't make him a pinball protagonist. I'm removing him.
01:54:18 PM Nov 2nd 2010
Re: Harem Protagonists -

The first bullet in the Anime section notes how Harem Anime protagonists tend to be Pinballs. While I'm not disputing that a lot of harem-attractors tend to be fairly passive people, in most cases the plot actually turns on them. If they were lifted out of the story, there would be no plot at all; if there was anything left, it would probably just be a Slice of Life story involving all the characters besides the protagonist.
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