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06:33:08 AM Aug 16th 2011
Alright, I just did a slash and burn on this article. Why, you ask? Opinion and criticism masquerading as example text. Let's cover some specifics.

  • Author Appeal: Can we note the elements without acting like prudish literary critics? Yes, please, thank you.
  • Author Filibuster: End notes are not filibusters by definition — a filibuster must be in the story.
  • Author Tract: You need to explain how, not just say that it is and expect us to take it on faith.
  • Weirdness Coupon: This can only apply to characters in the story, not the author himself.

Also removed Fridge Logic, Fridge Brilliance, which don't belong on the main articles.
12:45:23 PM Jul 9th 2011
Hmm. May I be the first to say that while I applaud Piers Anthony, who at his best is a genuinely gifted and talented sci-fi author ("Prosthro Plus", about an Earth dentist abducted into space by aliens and who needs to learn about alien oral ailments very quickly, is a brilliantly quirky classic), there are some aspects of his work that are uncomfortable?

Indeed, icky.

Lolicon" sums it up - he manifests a preoccupation with pre-teen and pubescent female sexuality that's really difficult to live with or even justify having on your bookshelves. It isn't just once; it crops up time and again and really gets you wondering about what goes on inside his head. I can't be the only person to have noticed this?

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