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12:23:05 PM Dec 27th 2012
Something I've noticed watching anime is that taking pictures together seems to be a bigger deal in Japan (at least) than it is in the West. There isn't a trope for it, but it just started bugging me. Is it the implication of being a couple?
11:36:29 AM May 21st 2010
edited by whtjunior
I was looking for a trope related to old photos of actors, when used as a younger version of their character in a show/movie. A subtrope would include when the actor's face is photoshopped into an old photo of someone else. A few examples that have come up recently include:

Grown Ups shows high school yearbook and candid photos of the main cast members. Not included in the Embarassing Photo, since these don't appear to invoke that response. Not sure if they will even be included in the movie, other than as a Photo Montage at the beginning and/or end. In an odd usage, Cougar Town recently used a photo of Courtney Cox on stage with Bruce Springsteen, but attributed the event to her character.

I know this is more common than this, but since I am not sure whether kit deserves a page, I have not attempted to create one.
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