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03:32:55 PM Dec 22nd 2010
Took this out:

* Unfortunate Implications: All the non-human races (save CASTs) seem to have a hint of influence of different ethnicity (Newmans as Japanese, Beasts as African Americans, and now the Dewmans seemingly based of Hispanic origin. What brings this into this trope is when one sees that Moatoob (A Beast-dominant planet) is a predominantly-barren wasteland populated with criminals (to the point where there are different families of such who hold a considerable amount of political influence) where even in that planet's GUARDIANS branch the receptionist is shown to be crass and rude (Which Vivienne mentions in Portable 1). It doesn't help that the beasts are implied to be made less intelligent than the other races.

To be blunt, LLSmoothJ was trying way too hard on this one. About the only thing he was accurate on was that the Newmans have an obvious Japanese bent, but that's it.

For one thing: How exactly do Beasts have an African American influence? If anything, the influences they blend range from generic "tribal" motifs to Native American (ref: Dreamcatcher room decoration) to the American Wild West to Italian to Spanish. Many Beasts have names that sound Italian or Spanish in origin, and the Rogues prior to Aot I have overtones of the Sicilian Mafia, being divided up into Families.

On that note, I can't see the Hispanic influence in Dumans.
10:02:41 PM Apr 7th 2010
edited by TrevMUN
Trev-MUN: I split off the Phantasy Star Universe tropes section from Phantasy Star and put it here to give the sub-series its own page.

There was a lot of misplaced examples being put in the PSU section from other sections, and vice versa. On top of that, the Natter and overall attempt to cover multiple sub-series with a single article was making it unwieldy.

I feel that Online, Universe, and Zero are distinct enough from the tetralogy that they need their own articles, much like how we have Call of Duty and Modern Warfare.

I also took the liberty of uploading an example image showcasing a number of the default iconic characters/NPCs from the game, using the group picture from Universe's Attract Mode.
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