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08:40:40 AM May 1st 2013
Original Web Series 'The Guild' seems to embrace the concept of Personality Powers, I would like to see this noted on the relevant trope page's examples section.
11:01:20 AM May 1st 2013
... so do it?
02:55:14 AM May 2nd 2013
Well this a bit awkward... I'm new and attempting to use the editing function is intimidating to me. I want to contribute to this awesome site and all it's whimsy but am also somewhat incompetent.
05:03:55 AM May 2nd 2013
Hi there! You may want to check out Welcome to TV Tropes! to get some basics about using the site.

To edit, click the "edit" button in the cluster of blue buttons at the top of the page. You'll be taken to a screen with the editing field, which has the content of the page along with all the markup that makes links, bullet points, and so on. Scroll down until you get to the part of the page you want to edit. This will either be when you get to the P section of the trope list on The Guild, or when you get to the Web Original folder here. Yes, this is a very large page with a lot of stuff to scroll through, but be bold and do it.

Then just start typing the example — it's that simple. Be sure to include the WikiWord link for the trope or for the series (whichever is appropriate — on the series page, list the trope, and on this trope page, list the series, as normal). Give a short explanation of how The Guild embraces this trope, so that everyone can see how it's an example, and then save the page. You can use an edit reason if you want to, which can just be "adding an example".

Does that make sense? It's fairly easy, despite my wordy explanation. If you write up the entry you want but aren't sure if it's done properly, post it here and I or someone else will check it for you. I can't do the whole thing for you because I don't know much about the series. Anyway, good luck, and I hope you stick around!
07:10:28 PM May 5th 2010
  • Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog actually subverts the speedster archetype. The continuities focusing on his superpowers (the modern games, Sonic X, the Japanese Sonic generally) show him with a very laconic personality and a tendency to be carefree. The dialogue-heavy US continuities (such as SatAM) tend to show far more conversational ego and twitchiness but much less Rule of Cool action backing it up.
    • In fact the Sonicverse mostly averts this trope. Tails has flight powers, but in the majority of Sonic continuities is a more sober and composed character than Sonic, not particularly peppy. Knuckles, who has superstrength and limited flight, started out as a socially naive Stoic but has been Flanderized in recent games into a classic Red Oni. Shadow doesn't fit this trope at all, being a downbeat speedster, and most other Sonic characters are either robots or Badass Normals.
    • Similarly, at least in the comics, Wolverine has hidden depths of intelligence, knowledge and tactical ability that belie his powers and primary use in 'slashing things up' - to the extent that he on one occasion used a wide variety of tricks and traps to fool elements of the island of Madripoor that no less than the whole of the X-men, The Incredible Hulk, the Fantastic Four, and various of the Avengers were attacking them. All on his own.

Both Sonic and Wolverine are blatant STRAIGHT exemples.
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