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05:49:30 PM Jun 1st 2014
Arguably, the perfect play opponent is the exact opposite of Artificial Stupidity.
09:59:59 PM Jul 15th 2012
Would games that implement the Game of Nim or similar "don't take the last one" puzzles count? Nearly all of them have the AI know the "trick" to guaranteed wins, and it's usually considered Artificial Stupidity if they don't.
06:45:53 PM May 12th 2011
As pointed out in the trope repair discussion, the MK walker article seems to hit a nerve that people agree with, but is somewhat vaguely defined.

I think the real unifying element behind the MK Walker trope is the idea that a "perfect play" of any sort seems to degenerate into an MK Walk. It just so happens that it gained popularity with Mortal Kombat and fighting games because those types of games are concerned with "perfect play", and an MK Walk is probably the most straightforward notion for a perfect play that can easily be encoded by a fighting game AI programmer.

However, the original article and resulting comments / examples don't seem to reflect this very well, even if the trope itself receives much agreement.

I think the article should be rewritten to emphasize the perfect performance element more than the fighting game element. If it did, I think the comments on robots and other non-video game elements would make a lot more sense.
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