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04:10:58 PM Jul 1st 2011
The show is officially over now. The group have moved to the Discovery Channel to do a six-part miniseries called Tell a Lie.

Sad. We'll never get to see the Bullshit of Bullshit episode.
09:36:37 AM Nov 10th 2010
The article states, "In the footsteps of great men like Harry Houdini and the Mythbusters...". However, the pilots for both series were aired hardly a day apart. Mythbusters started on 1/23/2003 and Bullshit on 1/24/2003. BS admittedly came later, but you can hardly call one day "in the footsteps" as if it were some well-established show by then.

How about "In the footsteps of great men like Harry Houdini and James Randi..."?

Which reminds me, "great men like..." hardly describes the Mythbusters team anyway :)

06:11:24 PM Jul 10th 2010
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