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07:23:32 PM Jan 10th 2011
So, could someone add an actual explanation of what this trope actually is, somewhere?
07:54:58 AM Sep 17th 2012
It's an in-character trope description. The trope is "Mega-Corp that presents itself as benevolent but isn't". Think Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns, but ramped up.
05:08:29 AM Apr 14th 2013
Thanks. That's what I came back here for.
06:51:03 AM Aug 22nd 2014
Warrior Eowyn wrote, "The trope is 'Mega-Corp that presents itself as benevolent but isn't.'"

This is actually a very good description, and should be added as the first line of the description. The initial summary.

Currently, the first line of the description reads, "This corporation has a non-business record that sounds to good to be true - and is too good to be true." Followed by blah blah blah.

I wasn't sure what a "non-business record" is, exactly. I Googled it, and one website says... "Non-Business Record: Information that does not have business or legal significance to the foundation and does not need to be retained once it is no longer useful."

The definition for "non-business record" isn't common knowledge, and confuses the average person.

Also, I took the liberty of changing "to good" to "too good." I'm pretty sure the intention wasn't, "Sounds toward good to be true."

The description seems to be written by someone lazy who doesn't care. I'm pretty sure my reply that I'm writing right now will get more scrutiny and proofreading than the description for this page.

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