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01:04:57 PM Apr 30th 2014
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I'd call this more of an odd Pet-Peeve Trope some people have than an actual grammatical error. The entire point of parenthesis as punctuation is to allow minor notes that don't warrant a full paragraph break (such as a brief humorous aside) to be included within a larger sentence or paragraph without interupting the flow of the paragraph. Yes, it can make things hard to read if done poorly, but so can arbitrarily creating two new paragraphs every time you need to briefly mention something indirectly related to the topic at hand.

Not to mention that just encourages Thread Mode.

And makes things read like William Shatner wrote them.

Or Christopher Walken.
10:44:07 AM May 25th 2014
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I agree with you and couldn't have put it better myself. I guess one can use notes instead of parentheses, but it gets annoying more quickly, especially if the notes are used frequently and contain very short explanations.
06:42:14 AM Jan 6th 2012
I don't understand exactly what parabombing is by that description and I think the article would be easier to understand if it was self-demonstrative.

I know that's why you locked it, but the explanation is too vague.
09:02:42 AM Jul 12th 2011
I know we don't want this article to be self-demonstrating, but an example of parabombing would be nice. I actually checked the history of the page because I wasn't quite sure what it was from the description.
11:07:19 AM May 18th 2011
This needs more funny.
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