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12:34:58 PM Sep 19th 2016
edited by ZombieAladdin
Is it still this trope, or another one entirely, where the character not only does not wear a disguise nor make any attempt to behave differently than normal, but by simply never calling attention to his true nature, no one catches on despite it being incredibly obvious?

In the example I'm thinking of, this character is a vampire. He attempts to bite other characters' necks, is repulsed by garlic and crosses, sleeps in a coffin, and is burned by sunlight. All of this happens in plain sight of everyone. Only one character catches on that he's a vampire and consistently stops him from harming the others, but no one else believes him because the vampire never said he was one. (This is Played for Laughs, for the record. I should also mention that he never makes mention that he's not a vampire; he's just very hush-hush about his background.)
12:40:57 PM Sep 19th 2016
Weirdness Censor covers that pretty well.
11:49:00 PM Jan 9th 2017
Thank you.
12:34:27 AM Nov 25th 2013
We need a picture of the Team Fortress spy as the picture for this article.
02:20:43 AM Nov 25th 2013
He's on the Video Games subpage. Because this page has medium-specific subpages, the main article doesn't get an image.
03:16:22 AM May 10th 2012
This line was added, but has _______ in place of a character name. If someone knows who the character is, please add it back; you can copy the markup by editing this post.

07:51:13 AM May 10th 2012
edited by FalconPain
Leaving out his name is a Running Gag for that poster, who was banned for this kind of thing and is currently ban evading.

More importantly, he's not actually an example. He doesn't say or do anything to suggest that he's obviously not Cresselia, nor does he display any Obviously Evil tendencies at the time, instead relying on Utopia Justifies the Means.
08:53:56 PM Apr 28th 2012
edited by MichaelBL
Henry V was not only the former Prince of Wales, but also born in Wales. Shakespeare's audience would have known this, since Henry was informally called Henry of Monmouth after his birthplace.
05:34:04 PM Feb 3rd 2012
The following entry under Team Fortress in the Video Game section has been deleted because Weblinks Are Not Examples.

09:49:07 AM Nov 18th 2010
edited by lumber_of_the_beast
Whoever edited in that unmarked spoiler for Dark Dawn, I hate you.
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