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02:11:06 PM Apr 10th 2017
I found this looking for a broader trope that there doesn't seem to be a page for. I'm thinking this page should s be slightly expanded. My tentative idea is as fallows:

Flexible Factory Machinery is able to perform it's intended function, regardless of the input. (typically in a cartoon)

First of all, the examples show this also happens to antagonists.

Moreover while I don't have many specific examples, I think I've seen cases such as a cartoon character going into a machine that puts caps on bottles, and coming out in bottle-shape with a matching cap, (which was larget than that of the actual bottles.) and I think a Tom and Jerry cartoon where Tom is thrown down a bowling alley and comes out int he shape of a pin. Arguably there could also be variants like a dog going into a potato peeling machine and coming out perfectly shaved.
02:47:31 PM Feb 18th 2012
Rename to "packed protagonist" for added alliterative appeal?
02:21:15 PM Aug 14th 2011
I'm reasonably certain this happened to some of the Rescue Rangers, but I'm not sure when.
08:23:28 PM Dec 14th 2010
I want the special surprise inside that cereal box!
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