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10:38:16 AM Sep 6th 2015
just how do you count these? go through every page in the entire tv tropes website, that'd take a long time.
11:15:40 PM Sep 6th 2015
edited by jormis29
If you look around the the top of the page there is a button with the word "Related" and a few chain links. Clivk on it and there it states the amount of pages linked to it. For example this is the pages that link to the Overdosed Tropes page.
08:51:55 AM May 13th 2015
What is the one where one trope is used too often in a single work? Overdosed Trope - Used in many works Trope Overdosed - One work uses many tropes
08:53:35 AM May 13th 2015
No such trope exists.
03:14:11 PM Nov 23rd 2012
I have a question - how do I find tropes that are not already listed as being close to the required 2500 pages on Overdosed Tropes, but may still have acquired the necessary page count?
02:40:35 PM Dec 27th 2013
Click the "related" button on the top. The number of "wicks" is the number of pages it appears on.
10:56:23 PM Aug 7th 2012
edited by TompaDompa
There is currently (early August, 2012) some discussion as to whether or not to increase the thresholds on the Trope Overdosed page, in order to:
  • Not have the top category cluttered
  • Have the page be more "exclusive"

While the first point isn't a problem here, I'd say the second point definitely is. We have far too many pages on this index as a result of setting the bar insufficiently high.

I would suggest making the lowest threshold either 3000 or 3500.
08:28:00 PM Aug 8th 2012
I could support moving it up to 3000. As the site grows, so do the number of wicks, so highly wicked works become more and more common.
04:48:02 PM Aug 10th 2014
For better emphasis, I would suggest 5,000.
12:49:25 AM Aug 11th 2014
That was discussed here in the past.
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