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12:51:00 AM Jan 24th 2012
Removed this:

  • It may have been more problematic to resolve Toph's personal arc. Her parents' efforts to get her back included casually declaring the Gaang outlaws and setting up a phony meeting to imprison their daughter. Their reaction to her amazing abilities is to promise to clamp down ever further on her. Up against that, she's better off chatting with the imprisoned Ozai. What dramatic insight could people that far gone have that would make them truly change or relent?

An obvious justifying edit/natter. But also errant nonsense. Master Yu and Zen Fu set up the phony meeting, not her parents. They just decided to use Toph's mother's name and their currently empty house in Ba Sing Se.

And their reaction to her amazing abilities is perfectly reasonable, given the circumstances. Besides the fact that she's been lying to them since she could speak (she specifically said that she could always see with Earthbending), she was just captured and held for ransom. That's probably one of the top 3 fears for wealthy parents, having their children held hostage for money. Plus, this is all dumped on them within a short couple of hours at the most. So they made the decision that safeguarded their daughter's life best.

And then she ran away. Without leaving a note (because she can't write), mind you. What the hell are they supposed to think or do? Would you rather believe that your daughter, after doing everything in your power to keep her safe and secure, spit in your face and ran off with some guys she just met to go on a quest that will likely end with her getting killed? Or that the guys she met abducted her?
07:34:09 AM Feb 23rd 2011
I don't think Elise, Ray, or Emerel should be on the Sonic example, becuase they predate the big character phase out.
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