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03:17:22 PM Mar 20th 2012
Translation In the introduction, “wer” and “anthropy” are translated as “man”. This was correct in earlier English, in which (on the pattern “sheep, ram, ewe, lamb”) we said “man, man, woman, child”. But now we say “human, man, woman, child”, in which case both those should be translated as “human”, not “man”. There’s no implication of gender, only of species, in “wer” and “anthropos”.
06:22:43 PM Aug 27th 2011
06:23:06 PM Aug 27th 2011
edited by calronmoonflower
I've added a Were Whatever redirect. Also there is no need for a seperate pages for the plurial forms of redirect as you can add an "s" after a link like this: Were Whatevers, but I do not know how to edit a redirect.
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