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07:10:05 AM Oct 21st 2013
Odd question: In the future, should Schmebulock (Gravity Falls) be considered as an image?
09:03:46 AM Oct 21st 2013
If you can find a good image of them, feel free to make a thread suggesting it in Image Pickin'.
03:30:29 PM Oct 24th 2013
03:14:35 PM Jul 2nd 2013
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Wouldn't Our Gnomes Are Gnarlier be a catchier title?
12:43:04 AM Jul 3rd 2013
Yes, but it won't be renamed purely for the catchies. Instead, I've made that a redirect.

And I've learned that there is another redirect too — Little Gnome Facts. *groan*
06:25:43 AM Oct 13th 2010
It would be somewhat inappropriate to add it to the main page, but I'd just like to mention somewhere that in my Narth campaign for D&D, the gnomes are the fairly bog-standard AD&D1 type, save for one thing: while they are a Lawful Good race, they worship a Chaotic Good/Neutral god, who created them solely because he figured no one would expect a chaotic god to create a lawful race. Oh, and just so as not to cause too much cognitive dissonance among his creations, he did assemble a set of commandments and laws for them to follow. He just didn't put too much thought into their internal consistency, with the result that Gnomish culture and behavior are rather... odd at times.
08:54:22 PM Jun 30th 2010
"Unlike the Dragonlance gnomes, Warcraft gnomes are actually pretty professional when it comes to engineering, and tend to meticulously plan and test their inventions (unlike goblins who tend to throw something together on a whim, and then either promptly forget about it or make it explode). Doesn't stop them from deciding to build completely crazy inventions just to see if they would work, though. Also unlike Dragonlance gnomes they are fairly competent magic users...Of course they still think its a good idea to NUKE their capital city when it gets invaded from a nasty case of Digging Too Deep and end up causing more trouble then the invaders themselves could of caused (they irradiated a good chunk of their population and you know what's worse then invaders from below? RADIOACTIVE, NUCLEAR ENERGY SHOOTING invaders from below) granted, this was stated to of been caused by an Evil Advisor, but STILL you think one of the higher ups would of thought it was a BAD idea to nuke their own city."

To say so on the page would be natter, but I just want to note how much I love love love this entry for perfectly capturing the wild rambling thought logic of World of Warcraft gnomes. I can just see one going on a rant in this style.
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