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09:28:40 AM Jun 21st 2013
I've seen a lot of Narnia fanfics where Centaurs have kids with like Nymphs, and they're not adopted. I just have to ask how is that possible? Especially if the children are Centaurs as well. Also, breathing and eating. How do their lungs take in enough oxygen for both halves? Unless there's just an extremely long windpipe that leads to the horse half's lungs.
04:52:04 PM Mar 5th 2012
I have corrected the Shedu entry in Mythology to remove the errors, but I think since Shedu and Lamassu have no arms (with a very few Urartian exceptions) that they don't even belong on this page.
11:21:06 PM Mar 21st 2011
Were Greek centaurs really, as a rule, bestial? If I recall my Greek mythology books correctly, Chiron was hardly the exception, if a little exceptional; in fact a major theme of centaurs (including the wedding-crashing story) was the conflict between their human and animal halves.
04:51:22 PM Mar 5th 2012
I don't recall that happening in the original Greek versions of the myths, except that occasionally Pholos was almost as civilized and decent as Chiron.

Of course, many of the myths have Chiron entirely unrelated to the Centaurs, making him a son of Kronos and a nymph who just came out as a Centaur due to his unusual conception circumstances.