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10:59:13 AM Dec 18th 2017
Why is this a page instead of "otokonoko" as a character trope? This seems to just focus on the four magazines listed, half of which have folded after what must have been only a year or two, the others seem outside of the scope of this wiki. Meanwhile, otokonoko characters in media that isn't this genre are quite popular - e.g. Midare in Touken Ranbu, Tormary in Yume 100. According to various pixiv users, Pierre from Idolm@ster also counts.

So, focusing on characters instead of genre might be a better way.
12:51:07 PM Jan 28th 2017
edited by AndyLA
How doesn't Princess Princess fit here? Or does it? I mean, it is basically rooted on the Wholesome Crossdresser trope as is typical of the genre, but I'm just asking because I only read one volume of the manga and thus wouldn't know how to properly describe it within the page if it fits.
11:49:12 AM Jul 7th 2013
Would Ouran High School Host Club be a Gender Flipped version of a regular Otokonoko series?
01:19:59 AM Apr 6th 2013
Should there be a redirect named "Josou Genre" to this, considering the terms seem to overlap?
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