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12:37:44 AM Jun 26th 2014
What does the following line means ?

Six Words; Kevin Smith's Daredevil/Bulleye: The Target.

Is "Six Words" the title of a comics by Kevin Smith ? The title of the last chapter ?
12:52:25 AM Jun 26th 2014
It means a badly written example fer sure. Feel free to remove it.
07:16:23 PM Jan 24th 2012
How is Dead Fic different than this? Dead Fic seems to be a sub trope of Orphaned Series.
03:37:45 PM Oct 26th 2010
I removed this as a disputed example:

  • Frank Miller's All-Star Batman and Robin was meant to last 10 issues but stopped after the eighth.
    • Although eventually, all issues were written and drawn, but #10 was never released due to a printing error that meant the (many many) swear words could still be read. Copies can still be found here and there online, but officially, it was never released.
    • What are you talking about? I own a copy of #10, and it also clearly doesn't end there, which still qualifies it as an Orphaned Series, HOWEVER it was just recently announced to be resurrecting as a new 6-Issue miniseries titled The Dark Knight-Boy Wonder, with the same creative team picking up where #10 left off and finishing the story.
11:40:29 AM Mar 22nd 2010
I think this trope's description needs a rewrite. As it's currently written, someone who reads the description without scrolling down to see the examples would be under the impression this trope only applies to webcomics.
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