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02:31:47 PM Aug 28th 2014
The trope text refers to " 'Miss Manners' remarks in the Real Life section below", but if these remarks were ever there, they've disappeared. What happened?
03:07:57 PM Aug 28th 2014
I took it out.
04:36:03 PM Aug 25th 2013
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Are there any male examples of this trope? And if so, does it count if they also happen to be fingerless?
07:24:40 AM Oct 29th 2013
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I think there are one or two male examples mentioned in the Anime and Manga section. As to Fingerless Gloves, IMO, the key characteristic of a glove is that it covers at least the palm and back of the hand, so as long as they meet that criterion, fingerless ones qualify by all means (see Madonna circa Like A Virgin for a good example; white lace fingerless opera gloves were a constant part of her outfit at this time). Detached Sleeves are not (again, IMO) gloves because they do not cover any part of the hand.

P.S. Don't forget that for your example to qualify as an opera glove, it needs to cover the arm to at least the level of the elbow or higher.
09:51:18 AM May 7th 2010
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Has Lady Ga Ga ever worn Opera Gloves in any of her videos?
12:13:59 PM Jun 3rd 2011
It wouldn't surprise me if she did.
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