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08:51:30 AM Sep 13th 2016
Is there any qualifications to be called a Nerd or a Geek? In nowadayd world where pop culture is very pervasive, one man will have something of it as his favourite work. I don't know how "US Republican politician and Governor of Utah John Huntsman is a fan of Captain Beefheart. Winston Churchill's favorite movie was That Hamilton Woman. British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was a Tintin fan." is being nerdy/geeky.
08:54:01 AM Feb 2nd 2016
I never quite get it, I mean, if you work for the entertainment business it means that in some way or another, you're a geek. That's what always bothered me. I mean, no guy who's famous will create something with a ton of references to Gainax, by accident, for example.
10:00:34 AM Sep 24th 2014
Why should this trope describe celebrities being geeky, specifically? Most of the time when I hear 'One of Us! One of Us!' it's by a group of people who want me to join them, or agree with their thoughts on a certain issue. And a lot of the people who use the line have never seen Freaks. This goes back to the idea that the trope is much too specific (celebrity geekiness).
12:58:28 PM Oct 16th 2015
It simply describes notable people who are "one of us" (as in geeks/nerds). You can discuss about the merits of having such a page, but there's really nothing incorrect about the name.

I don't think it's a reference to Freaks (it's a common enough phrase), so I don't know what people not knowing about it has to do with anything.
02:38:58 PM Mar 15th 2013 Might as well point out that the word "trope" is not recent.
11:22:22 AM Feb 14th 2013
Should in-universe Examples, Like Kyle Rayner, Power Girl, Ms Marvel, be added? And if so, should they have own their own category, being fictional?
01:04:58 PM Feb 14th 2013
I would add them, but adding In-Universe examples would have to be brought to the forums most likely.
01:20:16 PM Feb 14th 2013
This page is essentially out-of-universe Hollywood Nerd. In-Universe examples can go there.
07:19:27 PM Feb 17th 2013
Isn't Hollywood nerd mean the character is stereotypically a nerd instead of a much broader, relaxed definition this page gives real people?
06:11:42 AM Oct 24th 2012
I think that One of Us is a Discredited Trope. With the popularization of stuff that otherwise geeks liked, I guess this is the case.
06:31:52 PM Jul 28th 2012
What happened to the TV Tropes Trollers page? It's been redlinked.
01:56:42 PM Aug 16th 2012
edited by DynamiteXI
I asked around. One troper in the forum said that Fast Eddie cut and locked it, but they couldn't remember why he did so. I couldn't find any discussion about that particular page or why it needed to be cut, but I got the impression that it was cut because the title was potential troll bait. That, or it was redundant to another page.

Which is is a shame, because it was a fascinating page.

EDIT: Apparently it was redundant to Notable References to TV Tropes.
08:15:06 PM Apr 5th 2012
Hmm... given that this page now exceeds 400000 characters, how shall this page be split?
07:44:27 AM Apr 24th 2012
Actually, already done. "Radio Rejects" however is removed because it is too small (just one) and therefore lumped with the Other Pencilnecks. It's a rather unfortunate name anyways.
02:26:39 AM Mar 7th 2012
Dante Basco (The actor who played Rufio in Hook) recently started reading and enjoying Homestuck. Is he famous enough to be added to the examples? What do you guys think?
03:26:45 AM Feb 1st 2012
Does being a fan of sport games and uber-popular "realistic" multiplayer FP Ss really make one a geek/nerd in he sense used here (I know that one can be a sports nerd or a military geek, but that's not really the type of "nerd" we're talking about here)? Personally, I don't think they're interesting enough to count.
07:56:40 PM Jan 12th 2012
being long-time fan of s-f literature I had the pleasure to meet many prominent writers in person, especially those from Europe. And frankly, most of them were definitely _not_ fantasy or s-f geeks. Sure, most of them were interested what is being written, read a lot, but were more history or science buffs (especially Russian writers who more often than not have a day job (usually science-related) and write in their spare time). Even those more geekish (like Pratchett or Martin) usually treat fantasy more professionally than most fans. So, definition of the trope, although true in some cases, in too generalized in my opinion.
11:05:04 AM Jan 30th 2012
edited by brc2000
I don't think it implies that all sf or fantasy writers are nerds or geeks as defined here (though, I think being a big enough fan of the SFF genres does qualify one for being deemed as such), but that it's not really a big deal if say, Martin is a fan of Gaiman or something, as it's expected that the writers would like at least some works in their genre. On the other hand someone like Pratchett is noteworthy, because other than being a fan of the genre, he's also a gamer.
05:37:10 PM Nov 13th 2011
Should the Film Nerd item "For all you Bollywood fans out there, Madhuri Dixit studied microbiology at Mumbai University" be permitted? Every other person in the list is interested in geek culture and/or hobbies, which is totally separate from academic pursuits.
09:24:41 AM Sep 16th 2012
I would say no.
04:58:18 PM Oct 24th 2011
I dislike the implications of this page. "One of Us" is a common phrase used to refer to someone of higher class trying to relate to the every-person. By limiting this page's scopes to geekdom, it implies that this wiki is only for geeks. If the goal of the wiki is to be a universal resource, this kind of page alienates everyone else. I'd like to propose overhauling this page to be more in line with the more commonly used definition so that "Us" doesn't refer to any social group.
05:31:39 PM Oct 24th 2011
Hm, you should bring this up to the Trope Repair Shop. You'll get the best results there.
03:28:48 AM May 22nd 2011
Likely not yet qualifying for the main article but on Brina Palencia's second appearance on J Michael Tatum's "That Anime Show" there was a mention of TV Tropes.
09:57:09 AM Dec 21st 2010
Neil Patrick Harris? Geek? I'm not sure if he is, but his participation in Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog and Batman: Under the Red Hood kinda suggests it.
10:01:34 AM Dec 21st 2010
dont forget spider-man:the new animated series ans spider-man: shgattered dimentions!
01:19:04 PM Dec 18th 2010
Added to the TV Tropes Trollers, then removed the next day:
  • It's possible Wizards of the Coast employee and Arcana host Monty Ashley is familiar with the site; one Arcana article uses the capitalised term Trope Namer.
Two reasons: on reflection, I don't think Monty is quite famous enough to count (no offence meant), and one term isn't really enough to go on.
06:53:21 AM Jul 1st 2010
edited by
Is there any evidence at all that Adventures of Citizen X is written by Kane?
01:28:00 PM Mar 29th 2010
What's the criteria? I always thought of myself as a geek, but after seeing this page it's clear that I'm not qualified for One of Us.
01:47:17 PM Mar 29th 2010
edited by MrDeath
One of Us is when you're a famous geek.

That is to say a famous guy who happens to be a geek, not someone who is famous for being a geek.
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