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04:37:26 AM Mar 4th 2016
I've been thinking about this for a while: What is the real difference between this trope and Fan-Preferred Couple?

I mean, I know the latter is supposed to apply when the ship is not canon (whether an Official Couple exists or not). But, the way both tropes are written, they overlap so often nonetheless that having two feels a bit pointless.

Maybe Fan-Preferred Couple should be a sub-trope of OTP? And/Or maybe add some other rule, like, for example, that a Fan-Preferred Couple only applies if the canon explicitly sinks the ship? In other words, if the ship hasn't happen yet, but there's still a reasonable chance that it will at some point (for example, the characters involved are not in a romantic relationship with a third party), then it would count as an OTP, but not as a Fan-Preferred Couple.
06:34:43 AM Mar 5th 2016
Might want to ask in Trope Talk.
01:04:45 PM Apr 27th 2016
I think the main difference is that an OTP can be a canon pairing. If most of the fandom treats either half of the ship being paired with someone else as Fandom Heresy, that's another good indicator.
04:33:30 AM Jun 11th 2014
"OTP shipping wars are second only to Subbing versus Dubbing for heat and violence."

Have to disagree here. OTP wars are far worse especially these days where anime is released with both sub and dub, allowing the viewer to choose whatever he or she wants to watch.
04:44:53 AM Jun 11th 2014
Yeah, I would change that too.
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