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04:20:05 PM Mar 17th 2017
Someone removed a example because "the trope name uses gender-as-biological not gender-as-social."

To me this is spitting hairs. I feel we don't need to make this distinction between gender-as-biological and gender-as-social for the purposes of the trope. The end result is the same; the race appears to be only one gender. I feel this falls under Tropes Are Flexible.

I figure I will add it back if consensus is it should be put back. The example is below if anyone wants to read it before giving an opinion.

  • In the Discworld series, this is taken to the point where there is no obvious physical difference between male and female Dwarfs; for example, dwarfs of both sexes tend to have long beards. Socially-speaking, there is no issue of gender in Dwarf society, and all dwarfs are treated the same. However, this has the added side-effect of making even talking about a dwarf's individual sex obscene, and female dwarfs are forced to remain closeted as males. This leads to an interesting situation where female dwarfs begin campaigning to be treated differently. Openly admitting to golems, being female, wearing a skirt, or even using female pronouns is subversive, but not even the most radical of them would dream of losing the iron helmets or shaving their beards.
    • Even dwarfs can't tell the difference; dwarfish courtship mainly involves finding out, very tactfully, what sex the other dwarf is; once they're married, it's just sort of assumed the married dwarfs know which is which (or even if they are different sexes). Even pregnancy isn't obvious, probably due to the many layers of leather and chainmail that all dwarfs wear.
      • They also figure that, if your relationship has gotten this far without knowing, something as mundane as your partner's physical sex shouldn't have much impact. Plus, what two married adults do in their own home is no one's business.
      • By the latest books, you have female dwarfs introducing themselves as "Wossname Wossnamesdottir" and (to quote Nanny Ogg) "hammering their breastplates into a more flattering shape", so this has effectively faded out. On the other hand, there's no real reason to assume that only biologically female dwarves picked up the trend, and Madame Sharn at least is heavily implied to be biologically male.
    • The golems are an ambiguous example. Being created beings, they are technically genderless, but appear nominally male and will accept male pronouns for convenience. There is one noteworthy exception in one of the Moist Von Lipwig books—Gladys, who is shaped exactly like any other golem (that is, big and blocky and vaguely male) but identifies as female and wears dresses simply because she believes that the overseer of a women's boarding house must be female.genderless.
03:43:01 AM Mar 18th 2017
edited by MagBas
"appears" implies this is a subversion, if the series pretended in any moment that female dwarves do not exist. The bit about the golems being an "ambiguous" example is only misuse.
12:54:10 PM Mar 26th 2014
I hope someone recognizes this old novel. It might be Raiders from the Rings by Alan E Nourse, but I'm far from confident.

The space people never have daughters, because of damage to their X chromosome. They get wives by kidnapping from Earth. (It's not clear, at least in my very dusty memory, whether they forcibly marry their captives; the women seem to adjust pretty well.) You'd think the problem would clear up in one generation, but no.
01:42:18 PM Mar 17th 2017
That's an entire trope, unfortunately (Mars Needs Women), so it's going to be very difficult to track down one work without much more specific information.
11:03:04 PM Aug 17th 2013
What about asexual reproduction? There do exist one-gender species in real life that reproduce without another individual in various ways.
04:55:11 AM Jul 31st 2013
This Trope is clearly sort of distinct from Singe-Gender World where The Other Wiki says Female examples are far more common, while here men are refereed to as the more common example.
12:32:16 PM Nov 21st 2011
Wait.... does that namek have a mustache?
02:50:18 AM Mar 26th 2010
I propose we rename this trope back to Single Sex Species. as its main name. for two reasons

1. Added Alliterative Appeal

2. You Keep Using That Word Gender is not a b iol ogical term but a mindset or a behavior for example the Namekians are all Male not all Masculine see the difference?

09:28:26 AM Mar 26th 2010
Post it in the Trope Repair Shop.
10:53:10 AM May 30th 2012
Err... has it been posted there? It's been two years, and nothing's changed...
01:39:47 PM Mar 17th 2017
It's now seven years later and we're still stuck with "One Gender Race" immediately and very specifically describing a single SEX race.

This is kinda a complete mess, because it means you have entries like the Discworld one that describe in detail how Discworld dwarves have TWO SEXES. They qualify for the trope title but not for its definition!
01:43:08 PM Mar 17th 2017
Actually, the original definition of gender is sex and this continues being the more used definition.
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