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12:54:10 PM Mar 26th 2014
I hope someone recognizes this old novel. It might be Raiders from the Rings by Alan E Nourse, but I'm far from confident.

The space people never have daughters, because of damage to their X chromosome. They get wives by kidnapping from Earth. (It's not clear, at least in my very dusty memory, whether they forcibly marry their captives; the women seem to adjust pretty well.) You'd think the problem would clear up in one generation, but no.
11:03:04 PM Aug 17th 2013
What about asexual reproduction? There do exist one-gender species in real life that reproduce without another individual in various ways.
04:55:11 AM Jul 31st 2013
This Trope is clearly sort of distinct from Singe-Gender World where The Other Wiki says Female examples are far more common, while here men are refereed to as the more common example.
12:32:16 PM Nov 21st 2011
Wait.... does that namek have a mustache?
02:50:18 AM Mar 26th 2010
I propose we rename this trope back to Single Sex Species. as its main name. for two reasons

1. Added Alliterative Appeal

2. You Keep Using That Word Gender is not a b iol ogical term but a mindset or a behavior for example the Namekians are all Male not all Masculine see the difference?

09:28:26 AM Mar 26th 2010
Post it in the Trope Repair Shop.
10:53:10 AM May 30th 2012
Err... has it been posted there? It's been two years, and nothing's changed...
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