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05:31:09 PM Jan 26th 2013
Should the Legend of Zelda: Oracle games really be the page image? I mean, they are two separate games, despite the linking. I think a picture of Pokemon games would make more sense.
01:31:52 PM Oct 6th 2013
They're the ones where we had a snazzy magazine ad that clearly and concisely exemplifies the trope. The Pokemon images we found weren't as good. Remember, the page image isn't for the best example, it's for the best visual illustration of the trope.
10:16:26 AM Mar 26th 2014
I can understand that, except that the Oracle games are not actually an example of this trope in the first place. There's got to be a picture that's almost as good for a game that actually belongs here.
12:39:19 AM Sep 11th 2014
Okay no no no, the oracle games are not even CLOSE to an example of it. Pokemon is much easier to know of, much more recognizable, and overall an actual example. The oracle games are COMPLETELY different from each other. The only thing similar is the mechanics, and the trade system. But the actual plots and items and dungeons and literally everything else is completely different.
01:02:12 AM Sep 11th 2014
It was selected by crowner here. Also, using ALLCAPS when making an argument just makes it weaker.
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