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10:17:36 PM Oct 2nd 2015
edited by ExOttoyuhr
Edited the article. At first, I was going to argue strongly for allowing real-life examples again... but then my investigation failed to turn up any examples. This is a surprisingly narrow trope, and I'm starting to wonder whether any society has ever fulfilled both halves of it at once.

I left a standing invitation to anyone who can find a real-world example, to come discuss it here before adding it. I'm adding this trope to my watchlist, too.
12:26:08 PM Oct 3rd 2015
The description is much too long. The entire second half is a digression into the etymology of real-world names which are not actually examples of the trope. All that doesn't belong there.
08:58:33 PM Aug 22nd 2010
Why are real life examples in Troper Tales?
02:46:02 PM Sep 7th 2011
Well, obviously they're gone now, but I don't see why real life examples aren't allowed. There really are plenty of existing groups named like this, and it's probably the reason why it happens in fiction. I guess the idea is that we don't want to make the modern-day members of these societies seem like racists?
09:56:27 AM Oct 16th 2013
I think there should be real life examples. At the very least there are similar enough real life occurrence that deserve some discussion, if only intimate why calling naming the nearby group barbarians (because the only sound they make is bar), or Ajam (because you cannot comprehend what they are saying) is any different.
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