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09:52:31 AM Apr 2nd 2012
So the picture got reverted, from Marge Simpson to the what I believe was the original trope picture, that of Emma Peel in The Avengers. I've changed it back to Marge, since I feel it is by far the better picture.

  • It accentuates both the "historical underwear" and "it's sexy" aspects of the trope.

  • Its emphasis is squarely on the garment and how different she looks with it: Marge's default look is close to iconic, therefore we know just what the corset is doing to her body.

While the Emma picture is OK, that's just what it is. I see no reason to restore it, especially with a caption that uses a cliché that we've been asked not to use any more.

04:04:09 AM Apr 3rd 2012
As the guy that reverted to the original Emma Peel image, I'm must say I'm sorry for not leaving a note. However:

1, No, I don't agree the Marge Simpson figure accentuates the "historical underwear" or ESPECIALLY the "It's Sexy" aspect. In fact, the major thing I get from the Marge pic is getting creeped out by her smile.

2, For the same reason I don't agree with the Marge picture putting the emphasis "squarely on the garment". In fact, between the creepy smile and the weird colouring of the garment I hardly notice what exactly she's supposed to be wearing.

To summarize, I feel the original image demonstrates superbly "corset" and "sexy". The Marge pic is a total misstep with the latter and barely manages the former.

Obviously we have a total difference of opinion here, but I feel the original image was infinitely better both in representing the trope and in terms of aesthetics.

If the caption is a problem, change that. I agree it's an overused joke. I didn't write it, but bear in mind that I'm pretty sure it's been there since long before we were asked not to use it.
04:11:09 AM Apr 3rd 2012
I support keeping the Marge image, because whilst I agree she isn't sexy, sexiness is always subjective. What it shows is that a corset gives her stereotypically "good" figure (bust, waist, hips) that are used by artists, etc. to indicate someone being hot. She wouldn't have these without the corset, so it must be the corset making her "sexy".

The Emma Peel image is a woman in a corset who could be considered hot, but we don't know what her figure is without it and because it's black and white, it's kind of hard to see.
04:20:27 AM Apr 3rd 2012
I also support Marge. Also, you can not change an image without getting consensus from image pickin'. I think it should be taken there to see what other people think to prevent edit wars.
06:23:26 PM Apr 3rd 2012
Well be perfectly frank I'm amazed anyone could consider the Marge image remotely suitable and I was half-sure it was there as some sort of joke gone wrong. I'm astonished anyone thinks it's superior.
05:49:33 PM Jun 28th 2013
10:08:00 AM Feb 1st 2011
Can we get Batman: Arkham City Harley Quinn for the new picture?
10:15:29 AM Feb 3rd 2011
edited by DoKnowButchie
Honestly, I think you'd have to make one heck of a case for it. I may be plenty biased in favor of the current picture—I did, after all, choose it—but I'm hard pressed to think of another picture that a) displays both the "sexy-wear" and "historical underwear" aspects of the trope, b) places emphasis on the corset itself c) makes it clear what it's the corset that is making the character look curvier and sexier (Marge's silhouette is near iconic, and we know it doesn't usually look like that) and d) fits the site's mission. A Harley Quinn picture, I fear, would be adequate, but that's all it'd be, and if that's the case, there are plenty other pictures that would work just as well or better.
08:16:58 AM Feb 7th 2011
OK sorry I will get rid of it
06:03:38 PM Feb 7th 2011
Huh? Get rid of what, exactly? The picture hasn't been changed, as far as I can see. Not to mention, that just because whatever pic you decide to use isn't appropriate for the main page, it doesn't mean it can't be included in an image links page.
09:02:50 AM Feb 14th 2011
I dont get pichers on here
06:45:54 AM Feb 1st 2011
  • Depending on the intended effect (read: silhouette), some styles of corsets do require some degree of tight-lacing, although most people that do so are generally over-exaggerating the intended effect. Also, is it germane to point out that there are difference between bustiers and corsets, and that different periods used different construction methods to achieve different overall effects? For examples, a Victorian corset isn't built the same as an Elizabethan one, and the overall silhouette is different.
08:11:34 PM Feb 3rd 2011
I'm not sure; I think the current description does an especially good job of saying all that one needs to know for the trope's purposes, and that unless it's written especially well, an addition like the one you're suggesting would feel like padding: interesting, but not particularly helpful when it comes to understanding the trope. Yes, Victorian corsets accentuate the body differently from the latter S-bend corsets, but the purpose is the same: to modify the body according to what was fashionable at the time. What's more, I don't think the differences give any particular insight into the creative process; I don't recall many cases where a particular historical silhouette is chosen for reasons other than historical accuracy, and modern corsets don't particularly adhere to any one style. Still, maybe we can find a way to make it work. How exactly did you plan to incorporate your suggestions?
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