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11:43:54 AM Apr 2nd 2014
The first example in Film is Marty and Doc in Back to the Future. It's an Intergenerational Friendship to be sure, but what's so odd about it? Figured I'd get some opinions rather than delete it out of hand.
01:51:38 PM Apr 2nd 2014
Standard popular cool kid and an eccentric inventor? It'd be one thing is Marty were a nerd or social outcast, but he's pretty popular and has otherwise normal interests. It's pretty odd that he spends his time with the crazy guy.
05:01:24 AM Nov 7th 2012
Odd example:

In Percy Jackson and the Olympians- Clarisse and Silena. One's the daughter of Ares, God of War. The other's the daughter of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love.

Um, In Greek myths Ares and Aphrodite were, well, "caught in a net (made by Hephaestus)". I don't see how this is an example of odd friendship, if this is the only reason for it to be considered an odd friendship.
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