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07:07:07 AM Aug 15th 2012
Add to the comic sections Kingdom Come, a superman comic where the older golden age super heroes fight the modern, kill everyone else heroes. The UN decides to use a special type of nuke to kill the warring heroes before the conflict engulfs the earth.
06:45:28 AM Sep 11th 2011
Is there a non-nuke version of this, where say:

A crime lord had challenged a martial artist hero to fight for the women he loves (they're friends and family). If the artist refuses to, that's a sign of permission to kidnap the women and turn them into sex slaves. Under those circumstances, he accepts.

Once there, the hero then tells the crime lord he will get his due for them and himself. The crime lord's response? "Only if you think you can win."

Sure enough, the crime lord and his chosen fighters representing his criminal organization get their heads and rears served to them with drinks and appetizers by the hero.

Once the hero reminds the crime lord it's time to collect, the crime lord sneers back he'd fight the hero in the courts, and would keep trying to kidnap the women anyway—the crime lord never gives up, and would deny the hero his due every chance he got even if to just piss him off.

The hero then tells the crime lord he's got recordings of everything that happened—including the fight where the crime lord admitted he would sacrifice everyone in his criminal organization and his legitimate business corporation to get what he wanted.

Guess who just got their hands on the recordings and who just saw the crime lord make that admission?

So now he goes to the members of the organization and corporation and asks for three things:

1) that the crime lord be removed from power from both places (he's shown he wouldn't have acted in the best interests of the organization OR the corporation), 2) that the hero be allowed to administer "immediate justice" without threat of prosecution (implied beat-down, possibly fatal) 3) that some members of the crime lord's estranged family (who were disgusted by what led to this) be allowed to administer the assets of the crime lord to work an "out-of-court" settlment.

If all three aren't allowed, then the proverbial "nuclear option" would be to that the recordings to the Internet/public/media/law enforcement groups, as well as have the women who'd been wronged by said crime lord go public as well with their sordid stories (they had been wronged sexually by the crime lord and his people— one even miscarried because she was thought to have the crime lord's baby at the time, even if she didn't know she was pregnant then).

The "holocaust"?

Enough damage that would render the crime lord unable to be seen as anything but a complete monster by ANYONE thought of as good OR evil.

His corportation would suffer as nobody would do business with it save to get back the cash the corporation got from them (by cancelling contracts and demanding refunds, as well as forcing it to buy back the stock among other things). His assets and holdings would be sold, while real estate and businesses with his name would have to be sold or risk being devalued.

The legal scrutiny would be so long-lasting that not even the previously-untouchable crime lord could escape. And of course, given the Internet—-it might last decades.

The only way you can punish a person high up due to cash, position and criminal activity—take him from the places that shelter him.
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