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07:16:25 AM Jul 19th 2013
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How is Nude-Colored Clothing an inversion, or even related at all?
05:43:31 PM Jul 20th 2013
I'm pulling that part if no one disagreed.
04:09:58 PM Jan 28th 2013
Moved this Conversation in the Main Page. These could be the basis for Analysis but right now aren't formatted for that, and they certainly aren't examples. Feel free to discuss them here instead.

  • A little Fridge Brilliance over why everyone seems to keep having these dreams: not necessarily because of psychological factors or whatever, but what are we usually wearing when we sleep? Either loose-fitting pajamas, underwear, or even nothing at all. We're wearing the same clothes in our dreams, just in different situations!
    • This might explain why some of us who tend to sleep in our clothes don't have those kind of dreams.
  • Also, for those who believe in dream interpretation, these types of dreams usually indicate that there is something about us that we don't want other people to know and we are afraid they will find out about it. We fear the exposure of this thing (i.e. either our undies or personal areas) may lead to humiliation and ridicule. Also, dreams in which someone is completely naked means the same thing, but on a more severe level.
    • Or, on the opposite end, it could suggest a need to loosen up.
    • If you are comfortable with yourself in the dream, it may suggest that you are experiencing a newfound freedom and confidence.
03:08:48 PM Jun 29th 2017
Two examples listed here wake up naked and awkward, particularly Dark Angel's Max who has fallen asleep in the tub, so the above probably applies?

As the audience doesn't (exactly) know Max fell asleep in the tub, I'm citing it as "Played as Five-Second Foreshadowing" for now. Anyone have a better way to Justify it or work it closer into the general subsets of Playing With Tropes?
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