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04:09:08 AM Dec 3rd 2010

Plot Aids...

That is a common term I have heard on other forums which matches the definition of this trope or at least when we take the trope as "Dropping the bridge" + "Awesome character"...

The name makes sense to replace the current name or be an alternative one... I would be fine with it being simply mentioned in the main details as a bit of trivia... Like:

"When done poorly, may be regarded as a Dropped A Bridge On Him or Plot Aids. Such a moment may occur when a user of The Law Of Diminishing Defensive Effort takes a hit from something that can go through his defence."

I'll probably edit it to add this or simply put it into the Naruto section as the Naruto fandom do appear to be the only people using it (Itachi, Kimimaro)... Of course, Gold Roger (why else would he quit? For the lols, Oda gave him it so the story would work as if he could NEVER be captured without giving up and being handicapped) would count but I'm not sure whether I should put it in the top or not.

You'll see and update it I guess and we'll all see the results.

Thanks for reading.

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