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02:49:46 AM Dec 23rd 2014
It has been suggested that this title be changed to "Shia Surprise" after the Actual Cannibal Shia La Beouf lyrics.

- You've beaten Shia La Beouf....

Wait, He isn't Dead! (Shia Surprise!) There's a gun to your head, and death in his eyes -
05:41:13 AM Dec 23rd 2014
... by whom? The Bad Idea Society?
07:20:43 AM Dec 23rd 2014
What is this Shia anyway?
07:40:53 AM Dec 23rd 2014
edited by
Shia LaBeouf.

Actor. Has a considerable hatedom.
08:30:47 AM Dec 23rd 2014
Well, plus points for obscure reference that is ambiguous as hell. Yes, please don't use that name.
03:23:09 AM Feb 10th 2015
I'm personally a fan of the idea, but alas the video is not necessarily known to enough people. For now, I'll probably just use it as a pet name for the trope.

Here's the video if anyone cares to take a gander. It's pretty funny.
03:40:32 PM Apr 20th 2015
The Tumblrs began this idea. Might it end positively, we may never know.
01:48:48 PM Jan 5th 2016
Huh, so my guess of "the bad idea society" wasn't that far off.
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