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01:10:01 PM May 5th 2013
Possible to add a Real Life section? Some people do grow up in regions but don't carry the language of that region. Or would that belong on one of the other accent trope pages?
01:15:20 PM Apr 5th 2012
To go back to Shhalahr's legitimate complaint two years ago, the description tells us this: "Of course, if they are playing a character who is supposed to be speaking a different language than the one we hear, there is no particular reason for the actor to use the accent." Maybe as much as a third the examples ignore this, and complain about use of modern accents in historical, SF/fantasy or "foreign" settings where no one is really speaking the language we hear anyway. These examples should be removed, or the trope should be defined differently (maybe something like "speaks with an accent that feels jarring compared to what the character sounds like", or whatever).
01:55:10 PM Mar 22nd 2012
Maybe Picard has an English accent because the universal translators are programmed to translate French into Yorkshire-accented English rather than American English?
07:14:39 PM May 28th 2011
Just finished watching Doctor Who's "Waters of Mars." Gotta love Mia Bennet's "Texan" accent.
01:42:23 AM Dec 31st 2010
How is there no section on Angelina Jolie who always seems to have a russian type accent for way too many of her movies?
03:34:57 AM Dec 31st 2010
Different trope, for one thing - that would be What the Hell Is That Accent?, I think.
06:19:57 PM Apr 13th 2010
edited by Shhalahr
It doesn't seem quite right to me to call out roles for Not Even Bothering with the Accent when the whole film is Not Even Bothering With the Language. Who cares if Harvey Keitel has a Brooklyn Accent when Judas wouldn't really speaking English anyway?

EDIT: Oh, wait, there is a comment about that at the end of the article… Should we remove the examples like that?
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