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11:43:09 AM Jan 3rd 2016
I don't think we should have Real Life examples for this trope. It seems too common. Like it says in the real life folder, "Any traditional circus clowns" fall under this trope. Fictional examples of this trope are noteworthy because most fictional clowns are evil, but if every Real Life traditional clown follows the rules that clowns are supposed to, that's hardly worth talking about. That's why John Wayne Gacy was so scary - he was probably the closest we'll ever get to a real Monster Clown.
02:46:07 AM Jan 11th 2012
By "Jack Box" under Advertising, does the troper mean the mascot for Jack-in-the-Box? The one who started a huge controversy by bombing a rival burger restaurant in one of his commercials? He's about as non-ironic as the Burger King.
12:56:34 PM Jul 28th 2014
In the My Little Pony Friendship is Magic episode Nightmare night, Mayor Mare is telling a scary story, but Spike complains that the clown outfit takes away from the scaryness
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