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02:34:53 PM Oct 8th 2012
I removed the following example from the main page due to it being incomprehensible:
  • Monster: Johan Liebert. Tell that to him not doing anything physical except for using his gun, poisons, and manipulation on making people go suicide.

I would like to get the input of someone familiar with the series. Is Johan Liebert actually an example of this trope? If so, could you write up an example that is actually understandable, and uses proper English?
07:30:57 PM Feb 11th 2014
No he is not. Johan doesn't do much fighting, but he's certainly capable of firing a gun, and killing people in person when he has to. He's not an over the top badass, like his dragon, Roberto, and he'd prefer not to fight himself, but he's willing enough to get his hands dirty to avoid this trope, methinks.
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