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01:29:35 AM Mar 15th 2014
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Hmm, I feel this one needs a bit of clarification. Is it about people specifically not using the toilet in media, or is it the more general phenomenon of media not depicting mundane events not relevant to the plot, even though they would obviously be happening?
02:44:18 AM Mar 15th 2014
It's about not using the toilet.
04:32:39 PM May 23rd 2013
Everyone Poops is a real book? I thought they made that up for an episode of Family Guy!
07:33:34 PM Feb 16th 2011
8-Bit Theater averts (I guess) this from time to time. Black Mage mostly. There was one where he keeps wanting to "urinate" on peoples corpses, then Thief asks him about it and he says he *really* needs to go. And then again something like that in 878.
01:15:45 AM Jun 23rd 2010
Deleting the Harry Potter item from this list. There are no explicit mentions of bathroom *usage*, but it's made clear that there is one in the tent, both in the introduction of the tent during the Quidditch World Cup in Goblet of Fire and when they pull it out again in Deathly Hallows: "The interior was exactly as Harry remembered it: a small flat, complete with bathroom and tiny kitchen." (DH ch14, p274; also Go F ch7, p80)
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