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08:55:08 AM Jul 6th 2011
Cut this because vegetarianism isn't a profession. Do you have to study for it? Are there ads by firms wanting vegetarians?

  • Vegetarians - possibly because they show a willingness to practice what they preach? If this character is willing to give up chicken for the rest of her life even though it's shoved in her face all the time, then why the heck wouldn't they help out Steven Ulysses Perhero on his adventures?
    • Example: Penny from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog "works with the homeless, and doesn't eat meat" and is an all-round wholesome and goodly character.
    • Eragon and the elves from The Inheritance Cycle. Some would say otherwise, but let's not go there.
    • Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender is a vegetarian, as part of his code of conduct to avoid taking life.
    • He wasn't a vegetarian.
      • Since when is sugar classified as a meat?
      • To clarify he did eat meat during diplomatic dinners and the like, but apparently he didn't like to and was a vegetarian in private, at least according to his personal physician.
      • According to his personal cook, he loved Bavarian sausage and ham, but had to cut back on meat because of stomach problems later in life.
      • Other accounts say that vegetarianism was only to add to his image of purity or something and he preferred meat in private.
    • For that matter, while certain ideologies love to co-opt every famous historical figure into their ranks, neither was He, though like most people at that time in the Middle East He didn't eat it much and definitely preferred fish to red meat (which was mostly eaten as a sacrament after making an offering, if the whole animal wasn't burnt on the altar).
    • A recent Exterminatus Now villain also averted it. Sure, he's a vegetarian who wouldn't hurt a fly. He's also an agent of the dark powers.
    • Majorly averted with the So Bad, It's Good Troll2.
03:52:38 PM Mar 23rd 2013
Pulled this from the aversions section, due to the above being cut:

Vegetarian? Often they are the bad kind of humanitarian, or at least extremely obnoxious and attacking anyone who eats meat.
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