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06:16:45 PM Feb 23rd 2014
"Alas, you've just stumbled into a relic of the No Punctuation Period, a horrible time in which people apparently forgot how sentences were built. "

This line ruins the joke. If you read it as "the No Punctuation Period", then the word "Period" doesn't refer to the punctuation mark.
09:52:14 AM Jan 8th 2013
No reference to Faulkner on this page?
11:10:31 AM Nov 16th 2011
edited by SamMax
Could you change the description from "Has absolutely nothing to do with No Periods, Period or Zero Punctuation. Let us mention neither here" to something else? I don't know about No Periods, Period, but wasn't Ben Crowshaw told he sounded like spoke like this? Plus, it is in there! The description sounds less like "let us not confuse this article with those two" and more like "No Periods, Period and Zero Punctuation...GIT OFFA MAH PROPERTAY!!!!!!!" Again, this needs to be changed!
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