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02:44:08 AM May 11th 2015
I'm confused. It seems like every work with at least one pre-menopausal female character that doesn't ever mention them having their period would fit on this list. That list would be exhaustive.
05:00:02 AM May 11th 2015
11:23:14 AM Sep 17th 2015
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This isn't really a trope as it can't have examples: it's about not mentioning something. How many works don't mention that women menstruate? Thus, it became a list of aversions, and basically the opposite of what it says: menstruation is not mentioned in fiction, here's a bunch of examples where it is. I think it should be reduced to in-series lampshading, like the quote from Married with Children.
11:42:39 AM Sep 17th 2015
The trope is probably more along the lines of, "It's never mentioned or alluded to, even when the circumstances of the work indicate it should have been."
12:07:26 AM Jan 15th 2014
People have started adding aversions again. Maybe there should be an aversions page, or an opposite trope or something.
07:48:34 PM Apr 18th 2014
Definitely needs to. The absence of something is a difficult trope to list examples for (most works have at least one female character, few works have periods), which is why most similar tropes (like Nobody Over 50 Is Gay) list ONLY aversions.
07:21:37 AM Apr 19th 2014
"periods are mentioned" is not a worthwhile thing anyhow, unless it has some significance.
10:43:07 PM Aug 20th 2013
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All of the period tropes are being looked over, especially Menstrual Menace which has the Trope Repair Shop forum link.
02:37:48 AM Dec 18th 2012
I think the issue with periods used to be an author never mentioned them when writing, ever, even in scenes where you'd think the problem would come up, because it wasn't 'polite'. (An older book that comes to mind is The Family Name, where the high school lady lead winds up swimming for physical therapy and weight loss, then winds up on the swim team.) Things have changed, and this trope is nowhere near as prevalent as it once was.

I think part of the problem may be (and I mean no insult by this) is that younger submitters may be more familiar with examples using subversions or aversions rather then playing the trope straight.

Next subject.

"In "Roots, the Next Generation," this is completely averted several times. A woman pays close attention to her daughter, telling her that she knows the girl isn't pregnant because she knows she got her period. Later, the same woman asks another woman if she's upset because she missed her period and would therefore be pregnant."

For some reason, this TV miniseries has been given its own folder, Live Action Movies. Is this a valid folder, or should it be moved to Live Action TV?
06:50:30 AM Aug 18th 2011
Nobody uses the health problems that can lead to skipping the cycles, ever?

How about a recovering body image who then gets hit with this?
12:40:44 AM May 7th 2011
  • Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo: Suspected aversion. Throughout the movie, Raven is short-tempered and acts uncharacteristically mean to Beast Boy, leading to fans speculating that she was on her period. However, this is not addressed in-context.

10:59:41 AM Jun 28th 2010
"This does not happen to TV and movie characters. It is rarely even indirectly alluded to."

Given the sheer size of the list of examples, I would hardly say this is an accurate assessment of its frequency.
10:08:36 AM May 28th 2011
edited by Audun
I second this. This page makes a very good case against its existance. The page can essentially be summed up with "No one have periods, except when they do."
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