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07:27:59 PM Sep 16th 2016
I made an account to ask whether I could add the decline of M- sur M- in <em>Les Miserables</em> to this trope (Valjean/Madeleine leaves to sacrifice himself for his lookalike, and the whole town just kind of goes to pot because he was the source of all of its stability and economic dynamism). It seems to me that it would fit, but it also sticks out in being non-magical. As I am quite new I thought I'd ask here first.
09:47:36 AM Mar 20th 2015
Not sure how the efficiency of the medicine in "The Hunger Games" fits this trope. Did I miss something?
04:25:27 PM Oct 2nd 2013
edited by
Removed the following Natter that violated Example Indentation from the Sailor Moon example in Anime and Manga.

  • It's quite possible to justify all three of those cases. In the first, in the new continuity, there was no Nephrite. Naru and Umino just naturally grew together in the replacement year (besides, their relationship seems to reset somewhat. Naru doesn't display nearly as much romantic interest in Umino at the start of the Makaiju arc as she did at the beginning of the Nijizuishou arc). In the second, it's a case of Magic A Is Magic A. When the youma stops applying the effort to fight off reality, reality starts happening again. In the third, the change happens over a few instances of Time Travel. It's quite possible ChibiUsa went a little further forward than she did backward, and skipped out on the rebuild effort, and/or that since the cause of the destruction was erased, the destruction ceased to happen. This is true of most examples of this trope, however.

06:15:13 AM Oct 1st 2012
Now, Collapsing Lair is definitely a subtrope of No Ontological Inertia ... but it is a separate subtrope that does exist.

A lot of the examples here are just flat-out Collapsing Lairs, and some of them written as though they were ON the Collapsing Lair page instead of this one, like they'd been copy-pasted and not edited afterwards.

I'd propose moving every entry that describes a "building that falls apart when its maker or inhabitant is killed" to the Collapsing Lair page.
02:30:50 AM Feb 25th 2011
This seems like it should be linked to Load-Bearing Boss somewhere.
04:59:30 PM Apr 15th 2011
Done. Moving to Load-Bearing Boss page to reciprocate.
05:05:04 PM Apr 15th 2011
Actually, now that I look, this was the first link on the Load-Bearing Boss page after the quote when I got there. Good catch, though. Next time go ahead and fix it - no need to discuss.
01:39:58 AM Jun 1st 2010
Aralith: Removed the bit about the tree falling in the woods, because it's totally wrong. Trees falling in the woods with no one around to hear them do NOT make sounds. They make sound waves, sure, but sound waves are just pressure differences within the atmosphere. It takes the brain/ear combo of a living creature to receive and translate these waves into actual sound. Bottom line, sound itself requires a receptor to exist, which the proverbial tree scenario just doesn't have.
09:15:22 AM Jun 1st 2010
...What? No, wait, WHAT!?
10:20:30 AM Jun 1st 2010
This is just moving the goalpost. Do the vibrations have existence independent of observation? Yes. Playing semantic games with whether or not the vibrations can be termed 'sound' independent of observation is just wankery.
01:54:00 PM Aug 26th 2010
Yeah, sorry. Got a little carried away with this after discussing the topic in length in music theory class one day. It's not really a big deal what the article says about trees falling in woods (especially as that's totally not the point of of the article). I was just, as you put it, wanking.
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