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02:09:19 PM Nov 25th 2014
If the Koreans in Japan are less than 1% of the population and persons of Korean descent are indistinguishable of Japanese persons- as mentioned in the description- why their non-depiction is considered tropeworthy?
09:10:50 PM Dec 15th 2014
In the United States, less than 1% of people are racially Native American and less than .2% are of Pacific Islander ancestry. While they're certainly a rarity and practically nonexistent depending on where you are, it'd be misleading to imply that they don't exist within the United States.

In Japan, it's additionally tropeworthy because of the history of anti-Korean racism that's very prevalent in their cultural works and the associated political minefield that comes with Japanese creators making works with Korean characters, as described in the main page. It's a very broad, meta-trope: there's a reason that the page examples are primarily aversions of the trope, rather than examples. The page describes an omnipresent trope that is specific to the Japanese - one that is very useful in understanding works produced there and understanding the controversy surrounding works that defy the trope.
05:34:08 AM Dec 16th 2014
I agree with OP, though. The trope should be Koreans In Japan since the lack of a statistically improbable group isn't really notable.
12:27:50 PM Mar 29th 2015
edited by emolyn
Isn't the article really just The Same, but More Specific with Monochrome Casting? It is just applied to the apparent lack of representation for minorities in Japan. When Koreans and other non-Japanese minorities appear, isn't it often due to a case of Token Minority?
01:18:20 PM Mar 29th 2015
Monochrome Casting has strong racism connotations that are primarily based on US race relations.
06:58:55 PM Dec 11th 2010
edited by numol
The Black Jack NEO example with the J-Pop singer looks badly-worded to me, but I'm not sure because I have not read the work and couldn't find a summary. If the singer was a man who got SRS and plastic surgery to go undercover for some reason, sort of a "hiding in plain sight" sort of thing, than I guess it's okay, but if the singer was actually a transsexual woman, saying "she's a man" is false, as well as incredibly bigoted and nasty.

(Edited to replace an inappropriate term.)
01:02:10 PM Dec 13th 2014
She definitely did transition as the reader is initially led to believe that she is pregnant. The emotional climax is of her regular doctor giving her an 'examination' of the baby 'in her heart' (ie her new identity).

Aside: I'm rather surprised that this discussion topic was made in 2010 and no one answered until now.
03:55:36 AM Dec 6th 2010
In the Toei Yu-Gi-Oh! movie, one of the bullies who make fun of Shougo looks actually Asian. I guess he could be Korean, but he's such a minor character there's no way to tell.
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