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04:45:11 PM Aug 7th 2014
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What would the gay equivalent to this be? (Albeit in attitude rather than figure.) As in, tops wanting a typical submissive prettyboy and getting turned off when their twink receptive partner turns out to be bossier than THEY are in the bedroom, sometimes referred to as "topping from the bottom". (Mainly just an annoyance when it feels like a Bait-and-Switch. Can trigger the same controversy as No Guy Wants an Amazon within the community.)

I'd look towards the terms "Power Bottom" (receptive yet instigative, more positive term) and "Bossy Bottom" (receptive yet domineering/whiny, more negative term) being trope names, but I'm not sure if that'd have much documentation in media.

Potential title: "No Gay-Daddy Wants A Bossy Bottom"

Inversion: "Power Bottom" (possibly "Sassy Submissive") and "Trainable Top" (or just "Submissive Top") for parties
12:16:09 PM Aug 8th 2014
I don't think we have that trope yet. Might want to take it through YKTTW.
03:09:11 PM Jul 19th 2013
I have experienced a problem with this. Many women I've discussed this trope with seem to find men in the wrong if they feel this way, in fiction or in reality.

Men are wrong if they find certain feminine traits more attractive than masculine traits. Apparently people can't help who they love, unless it's men preferring femininity, then it's chauvinistic bigotry and wrong.
12:14:35 PM Nov 1st 2013
It's less about any sort of "wrongness" and more about a reaction to feeling beholden to the mainstream. If you look around to what the pervading images are for women, you will see the thin, the fake, or the softly buxom, as the defaults sold throughout the culture. While they may not be used to actively oppress anyone, the women that want to be different from that have to constantly deal with a world that looks at them funny or outright disrespects them for their choice to have physical power. The fact that as an athlete, you have to be more beautiful than talented is the source for a lot of anger in that community. Because you can't train beauty

This is compounded by the fact that society also preaches appreciation of "what's inside" being the thing that "counts." So when men make the decision to overlook and reject a woman because her inside is strong enough to make her outside just as strong, it's hard not to take it personally.

Go to youtube and look up videos featuring female bodybuilders, athletes, and crossfitters. There is an amazing amount of hostility levied toward women that want to be excellent and have their bodies reflect that. Much like there are seldom (if any) films or commercials that depict a muscular women as anything other than an anomaly or freak show. It's almost always played for laughs. There's no romantic comedies with a female bodybuilder in the lead. No dramatic television shows where one of the main characters has a stout bruiser physique or is even married to a hardcore crossfitter. As a result, the backlash comes off more abrasive than it probably should, but I feel more varied portrayals of amazons would help mitigate that.
09:27:38 PM Apr 24th 2013
"Happens in an episode of Totally Spies!. When [Clover], still in her muscled state, tries to hit it off with the body builder she saved, he kindly rejects her advances, his reason being his discomfort dating girls more "rip" than he is."

Although I thought she was lucky to lose such a jerk. She'd just saved his butt from a dangerous situation where he'd been kidnapped, and it was rather obvious to anyone with three brain cells that she was some sort of serious professional. Begging off because of her incredibly obvious job would have been kinder. (Not wanting to be in a potential line of fire makes so many levels of sense.) But he picked the most jerkass way possible to tell her to get lost -without even a thank you for the rescue.
09:45:51 PM Mar 22nd 2011
I don't think this article is particularly fair. Certainly for plenty of men, the prospect of dating a stronger woman is daunting because its an insult to his masculinity but quite often, especially these days, plenty of guys would be worried that the strong woman expects a strong man. In other words, the All Amazons Want Hercules trope is contributing to this trope among guys who otherwise wouldn't mind. And that trope is truth in television.
08:17:17 AM Apr 15th 2011
How is "all strong women want men stronger than they are" (i.e., All Amazons Want Hercules) truth in television?
03:44:14 PM Aug 21st 2011
Disclaimer - This is my opinion, I'm not saying it is always fact.

Okay, All Amazons Want Hercules is often Truth in Television, in my opinion. Not always, but it is common. Due to the theory of homogenous relationships, lots of people want others with similar interests. For example, most fighters I know end up with other fighters at one point or another. Currently one of my sempai (who is a black belt in Taekwondo with a purple belt in Japanese Jiujutsu) is dating another of my friends who is a black belt in Karate. They met in martial arts classes. So, another factor is exposure. By this I mean, two things. One, the more you immerse yourself in something, the more you're likely to find others who do the same attractive. Two, the more time you spend on something, the less time you have to find others who don't do the same thing. For example, would you expect a Non-Action Guy to somehow show up in a dojo and be around often and long enough that he falls in love with an Action Girl there and she reciprocates AND the Non-Action Guy doesn't learn ANY fighting skills? Though it probably wouldn't make the guy more badass than the Action Girl, but if he wanted to attract the Action Girl, how do you think he would go about it due to societal expectations: I can't fight at all, please date me vs. -learns how to fight- I can fight too, we share a common interest, date me. Societal expectations also play a huge role.

However, due to homogenous relationship theory, it means the gender inverse can be true as well. A lot of guys may play into societal expectations, but if they spend most of their time in a dojo and/or gym, what kind s of girls do you think they'll meet? More importantly, what do you think they are more likely to find attractive?

If you don't believe this, think about all of your fetishes. I'm willing to bet that for most of you reading this, at least one of your kinks has developed from seeing it a lot or grown more prominent from that. It is the same for things like physical strength or fighting ability. I'm not saying this is 100% accurate, but it has a lot of basis in reality.

My sources are - Studying psychology, sociology, have studied fetishism and attraction theories. Also a fighter and bodybuilder, and went from being lustful over Hollywood Thin women when younger and watched a ton of Hollywood movies to being lustful over Amazonian Beauties and Hot Amazon fighters as I worked out and fought more and more. So, personal experience plays a role in this too.
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