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10:22:04 PM Nov 7th 2013
How come we have "no Except Yes", but not "Yes Except No"?
07:49:16 AM Nov 8th 2013
Because that's either covered by No, Except Yes, or else it's a Dissimile. Either way, it's covered.
02:16:29 PM Apr 24th 2011
Removed, in reference to David Dinkins:
  • Technically, 'unlawful' and 'illegal' aren't the same thing. Illegal things are specifically banned, whereas unlawful things are non-exceptions to some sort of some general ban. For example, jaywalking is unlawful, but that's not illegal per se...it's just illegal for people to walk around in the road without following signals and signs, and jaywalking is a common way to do that. There is no crime of 'jaywalking'. However, failure to file taxes is explicitly illegal, so David Dinkins was just wrong.

I have a feeling Dinkins was quick to disclaim "committing a crime" because of stereotypes he might have feared being subject to. In any case, I don't think the removed section really captures the distinction he was going for.
01:26:19 PM Feb 11th 2011
Cut the well-known {300} line, as Sparta is not synonymous with Madness.

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