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03:36:31 PM Aug 17th 2017
Does this trope only apply when people would logically be using bikes and don't, or does it include when bikes are impractical and therefore not mentioned?
04:18:49 PM Sep 18th 2012
When i read that cracked article, i was more or less screaming at the screen when it comes to The Road.

NO SHIT THEY WOULDN'T BE USING BIKES. Seriously, using a bike takes a ton of energy, and every character in the movie was DYING OF HUNGER. if they got on a bike they wouldn't be able to use it effectively for very long.

So, would this be subversion or justified trope? Or am i wrong in my thinking?
08:09:49 PM Sep 18th 2012
Interesting point.
09:44:13 AM Aug 19th 2011
edited by kevrob
Subverted: in S M Stirling's Emberverse novels, starting with DIES THE FIRE, bicycles are used for transport, and not just ordinary 2-wheelers.

I won't get all spoilery & name all the uses.
07:15:20 PM Nov 4th 2011
Yeah, I was impressed by the bikes and the use of rail road tracks with teams of horses pulling heavy stuff they wouldn't be able to pull on the pitted roads. Although the selective use of technology made Stirling's thinking to use bikes less impressive (since his whole "what went wrong" theme is based on specific technologies working or not) than your run of the mill "there's no gas but we still have bikes" that should be present in ordinary apolcalypsis. I don't think zombies can coordinate well enough to ride bikes, can they?
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