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04:24:57 AM Apr 3rd 2015
edited by MithrandirOlorin
"Superman and Batman got Anti-Hero Substitutes. For Superman, it was the Eradicator, one of the four replacement Supermen who appeared after he died. For Batman, it was Jean-Paul Valley, the man formerly (at the time), known as Azrael, who replaced him after Bane broke his back. Nightwing chewed Bruce out over it and Bruce himself admits it was one of his worse mistakes."

Wouldn't Artemis be a '90s Anti-Hero replacement for Wonder Woman?
12:51:14 PM Jan 10th 2016
Sure, why not?
03:15:35 PM Apr 13th 2014
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Other Potential examples that may fit this trope: Before I just add them onto the example page, I would like to get people's input as to whether the following can be classified as N.A.H.s.

Anime and Manga


  • Riddick from Pitch Black and its sequels. He's a morally ambiguous person who desires to kill anyone who gets in his path and is only good in comparison to his enemies.
  • The Terminator (specifically the one from Terminator 2 which is also cited on the analysis page as a possible influence).

Live Action TV
  • Heroes: Sylar, the Big Bad of the first season, is this from Season 2 onwards.

Video Games
  • Kratos: Has a thirst for power (specifically to kill the Olympian gods), is lethal and very brutal in his methods, and is very morally gray.
  • K' from The King of Fighters who is noted to have some traits under his own character entry.
  • Scorpion and possibly other Mortal Kombat characters (the analysis page even suggests that Mortal Kombat was one of the influences of this archetype).
12:06:10 PM Aug 23rd 2013
I'm going to hate myself for asking this, but is the page image a parody or was that a genuine title?
01:14:03 PM Aug 23rd 2013
10:39:33 AM Apr 23rd 2013
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The JoJo's Bizarre Adventure example just seems... bizarre. Jojo is a bit of a Blood Knight, but he really doesn't fit other than that. He's a teenage kid who wears a school uniform named and is named Jojo. Which is a far cry from the Darker and Edgier implications of the trope.

He's more of the Japanese Delinquents archetype. While he does share a few aspects of the '90s Anti-Hero (Deadpan Snarker, willingness to kill, heavily muscled), those are pretty... common traits. The more distinctive traits of the '90s Anti-Hero he lacks.
07:33:37 AM Feb 4th 2014
I agree, he wears a long coat and is musclebound, he's been seen smiling and being caring in the manga (thing that Nineties Anti-Heroes rarely do). So I'm a little puzzled too. Also, I understand Guts fitting this trope, but how about Killy? I find him an stoic guy who rarely talked, laughed like a maniac at the beginning and nothing else. And uses a really powerful gun, but he wants to restore humanity so... why is he a nineties anti hero again?
08:36:16 AM Apr 23rd 2013
I'm surprised not many people refard the Rambo films as an influence on the '90s Anti-Hero.

Or if they have, I may have missed it.
09:18:00 PM Jan 17th 2012
Is it really fair to have the caption "everything that was wrong with the 90s..." in the image?
01:52:41 PM Jul 22nd 2012
12:22:09 PM Sep 14th 2010
Is the Nineties Anti Hero still an example of Tropes are not bad?
03:06:41 PM Sep 14th 2010
Yes. Just wrote that down in the article so it's clear.
03:48:26 PM Sep 15th 2010
So it's basically a dark and edgier version of a comic book superhero which became popular in the nineties but right from the start most writers failed at using the trope effectively?
08:45:31 AM May 25th 2010
I don't think Witchblade belongs on the page. While she did kill villains, she was still, at the heart of her characterization, a cop. She still protected the innocent and solved crimes.

For that matter, Spawn had his share of redeeming qualities, most notably his devotion to and protection of his wife and child. And also that he took care not to get "innocent" homeless killed or involved in what he was doing.

I think we either need to tweak the description so that characters who are violent, kill bad guys, and are morally grey can fit, or else do a purge of examples that don't quite fit the description as being "completely made up of flaws."
12:33:33 PM May 15th 2010
Any specific examples of Nineties Anti Heroines whose physiques' are "often taken to disfiguring extremes courtesy of the ineptitude of the trope's pioneering artists"? Because I have a hard time imagining one who already even more unrealistic than the more unrealistic "standard" Super Heroines.
09:45:48 PM Nov 24th 2010
How about any hero drawn by Liefeld?

10:40:48 AM Mar 13th 2010
Removing this ridiculously conflicted entry:
  • Square Enix played this trope pretty straight in The '90s with heroes Cloud Strife, Squall Lionheart and Amarant. Arguably, however, Kain, Shadow, and Magus are all milder versions.
    • Cloud and Squall don't quite fall into the category, though; neither seem to have the penchant for killing and bloodshed of the average Nineties Anti Hero, and have a strict code of honor. Granted, this may simply be a result of being Japanese as opposed to American-made, but it still counts.
      • Kain also doesn't count; he was just a Brainwashed and Crazy hero. Ultimately, none of these except possibly Amarant and Magus really fits the trope as Americans would see it.
09:48:10 PM Jan 23rd 2011
How does being crazy prevent you from being this trope?
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