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08:39:59 PM Aug 17th 2010
Silly reason for this to be put on the cutlist, SNICK, Toonami, and others all have pages no reason to cut this.

Also, the Nielsen ratings counts it as a separate channel. Please remove from the cutlist.
10:05:22 PM Aug 17th 2010
Seconded. The Nielsens consider it a "timeshare channel," and Greater Nickelodeon considers it one. And there was a time when there was a majorly different focus — Nickelodeon proper is aimed at children; Nick at Nite was aimed at an older audience, though I'm not sure how much older.
01:31:01 AM Aug 18th 2010
Timeshare Channels should qualify for their own pages on general principles. I agree that this should not be cut.
04:30:41 AM Aug 18th 2010
What would be useful is a Timeshare Channel index.
09:24:48 AM Aug 18th 2010
I think a "Programming Block" index would be helpful as well.
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