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10:50:23 AM Jan 31st 2013
The following example (which is not technically an example) was just added. Two points. One: categories are not examples. Two: this article is about New Wave science fiction, a movement that started in England in the sixties, so something from the fifties is categorically not an example.

Maybe we should have a broader article about Lit Fic/Sci-Fi crossovers or post-modernism in SF in general, or something. It could include New Wave Science Fiction, New Weird, and this, and probably some other things. But the fact that this Russian...movement? trend? resembled the New Wave does not mean it was the New Wave, and attempts to shove it in are clearly shoehorning.

The Strugatsky Brothers might be borderline; there might be an argument to be made that they do count. But that gets back to: this is not an example. It is a mini-essay on the history of soviet SF. Examples are not categories. If you want to add the Strugatsky brothers, add them. (I'm not actually sure they qualify, so I'm hesitant to do so myself.)