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03:57:10 PM Apr 6th 2014
Someone should really rewrite the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure example. The Part 3 one isn't an example of this at all except in a meta sense; aside from the time stop ability, Star Platinum and The World are actually extremely similar Stands. It's not that Star Platinum suddenly developed the ability to stop time, it's just that it could always do that and Jotaro just never thought to use it until he saw Dio using it.
05:59:55 PM Oct 1st 2012
From one of the Doctor Who examples: "Another, particularly glaring instance of this is in 'Planet of the Ood', when the Doctor is able to sense the enslaved Oods' pain through their telepathic field, yet when he encountered them before in 'The Impossible Planet' and 'The Satan Pit' he made no mention of sensing their telepathic field or the psychic entity powerful enough to possess multiple Ood and humans simultaneously, which you'd really think he'd be able to sense under the circumstances."

I'm not totally sure of this cause I haven't seen the episode in a long time, but was it not mentioned that the Ood in 'The Impossible Planet' all had one of their brains removed and couldn't communicate psychically? And if the psychic entity mentioned is the Ood hive mind, then it's perfectly reasonable to assume that in the earlier episode, the mind was way too far away to be heard by the Doctor. Especially if there weren't any (non-lobotomized) Ood anywhere near him to act as a relay or anything.
06:45:15 PM Mar 19th 2012
Does the Kingdom Hearts example really fit here? Most of the information in the post is exaggerated or wrong. Namineís powers have been consistent, if only exercised with a bit more reach, but not much more than the reach exhibited in her first appearance, and one of the news powers is clearly a required secondary power, she had to be able to see memories in order to manipulate them. I donít want to just delete it, so I wonder if anyone else agrees that the example doesnít fit and Namineís powers havenít changed or am is this too nit-picky?
09:45:00 AM Feb 29th 2012
"Challenge of the Superfriends" had this with Green Lantern. Two powers he had (courtesy of the stories) the traditional Green Lantern Power Ring didn't have: 1) When he and Superman had to save three other Superfriends from a black hole, Green Lantern used his ring to merge himself and Superman to use their strengths and energies to break OUT of the black hole. 2) Against the Legion of Doom once, Green Lantern used his ring to actually GROW to a size where he could put the Legion's HQ in his hand, remarking on how not so dangerous the Legion seemed.
01:29:46 PM Sep 14th 2011
I vote that the three panels in the lower-right corner of this comic be used as the page image.
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